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Metal Roofing Installers Residential and Commercial Buildings

Erickson Roofing Ltd. is your metal roofing experts. We have the team, the product and the experience to provide you with a metal roof that will look beautiful and last a long long time.  When you compare the price of a metal roof to a shingle roof and take into consideration the life of the roof,  metal roofs are in fact a lower cost in the long run.  

Metal Roofs come in many different colours, profiles and designs.

Erickson Roofing Ltd Metal Roofs are:

  • Long lasting- with proper up keep a metal roof can last 100 years.

  • Highly reflective material - this can lower your cooling costs.

  • Virtually maintenance free - Moss doesn't stick.

  • Wind and Fire Resistant.

  • A thing of beauty - They simply look beautiful, very high end, and are aesthetically pleasing!

Looking for a free estimate on a metal roof talk to us.  

We Provide Free Estimates on Metal Roofs

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